About Us


Over the last  5 years, I’ve become more focused on living a healthier lifestyle.  Taking care of my body and skin was one of the major changes that I did after going through a tough time fighting cancer. I started to avoid all toxic products and food that are poison for our body. When I switched from commercial soap to all natural-handcrafted soap there was a huge change in my skin that I fell in love with.  Soap making began as a hobby and quickly became a consuming passion turning into a Oleology.

Why Oleology?

 Soap is formed by combining oils with lye. This process is called saponification. Each oil has a fatty acid profile that will determine the properties of the final bar of soap.

Oleo- is a term for "oil"

-logy is a suffix for “the study of”


Oleology Soap is an all natural handcrafted artisan soap company located in Brooklyn, New York. Our Artisan Soaps are made from scratch, using the timeless cold-processed soap making method.

When formulating each product, we only use the finest natural ingredients directly from nature. We choose high quality natural, vegan, parabens- free and animal cruelty-free ingredients from the best suppliers to ensure a hard, long lasting and cleansing bar of soap. We used Biodegradable Eco Glitter and FDA approved cosmetic grade mica powder. We also use a sustainably Sourced (RSPO) Palm Oil. You won’t find any ingredient listed in our products that we wouldn’t apply on our own skin! 

Our soaps are handmade with love and care in small batches. Our process gives us that lovely fresh and wholesome feel and fragrance that we love and our small batch size helps us ensure consistent quality.  We fell in love with the process (part science, part art) and truly enjoy what we are doing.  We are very proud of the product we are creating, which really makes us want to share with all of you.


Welcome to our shop! Thank you for supporting our small business and we hope you enjoy your products. We promise that our products would be the richest, most indulgent skincare you’ve ever experienced.

With love,

Verónica Arocho

"When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream"